PUBG – Battle Royale Games: Have They Lost Their Buzz?

Battle Royale games have been gaining traction over the past few years, and it's quite obvious that other companies are catching on. Video game developers that would never think to create a Battle Royale game are giving it a shot, the perfect example would be a long-time shooter in Call of Duty trying to implement Blackout into their games. While the game mode was fun, it didn't feel as natural as the other Battle Royale titles on the market. When it comes to PUBG hacks, there are plenty of people who are still playing it and have dedicated many sleepless nights to a few wins; with that being said, there is plenty of competition to be had. With the likes of Fortnite and other Battle Royale games throwing their names into the hat, PUBG took a backseat for a little…
November 14, 2019

PUBG Mobile – Can Mobile Gaming Make a Dent?

When it comes to playing games on your phone or any mobile device, they can come off as being “poorly crafted” at times. This doesn't mean that the development team doesn't care about that project (well, not every single time!), but it does show that there are still poorly optimized games getting put out daily. Everybody wants to have the next big Angry Birds or whatever other popular mobile game that you could think of, such as PUBG Mobile hacks, but it isn't easy by any means. A lot of luck is involved when it comes to providing people with these viral games. Sometimes a company will make it their goal to provide customers with an incredibly addictive game, with the sole intention of making as much money as possible. Why Do People Favor Mobile Games? When you want to…
November 10, 2019
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